Campaign focuses on rape laws

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A NEW radio campaign featuring “real men” talking about the laws on rape has been launched in the Lothians in a bid to raise awareness about the issue.

The men, aged between 18 to 28, give their reactions to changes in the law on consent and the need for agreement to any sexual act during the radio adverts, which will air over the next three weeks.

It forms part of the “We Can Stop It” campaign, which was launched last month.

Chief Superintendent Malcolm Graham, the city’s divisional commander, said: “These adverts are a brilliant opportunity to address some of the myths about rape and to engage with young men using language they identify with.

“The nature of sexual crime means people often don’t want to think about it. The “We Can Stop It” campaign asks everyone to take responsibility for their knowledge and to really understand that sex without consent is rape, and we all need to work together to stop it.”

Paula Dunn, Young Women’s Support Worker from Rape Crisis Scotland, said: “The campaign highlights that men should take responsibility for rape.”