Capital best at preserving historic buildings

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Edinburgh is the best performing of the four major cities in Scotland when it comes to looking after its historic buildings, with the lowest percentage of Category A-listed buildings at risk.

New figures show there are 24 Category A-listed buildings in the Capital on the Buildings at Risk Register.

This is a reduction of five buildings, which equals 2.6 per cent of all Category A-listed buildings in the city, down from the three per cent figure in 2009. Figures for the other three cities are: Glasgow 16.6 per cent, Aberdeen 30.8 per cent and Dundee 20.7 per cent.

Councillor Jim Lowrie, the city’s planning leader, said: “We take a proactive approach to buildings that are in a clearly deteriorating condition resulting in a number of buildings being made wind and watertight.

“We will continue to work hard to be the best-performing council and to facilitate the restoration and reuse of priority buildings.”