Capital low on Danish Krone as Hibs fans snap up currency

Danish bills and coins. Stock image
Danish bills and coins. Stock image
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Foreign exchange bureauxs in the Capital are running out of Danish krone as Hibs fans scramble to buy the currency ahead of their side’s Europa League clash with Brondby tomorrow

Around 1200 supporters are expected to follow the Scottish Cup winners to Copenhagen for the competition’s second qualifying round.

But signs that the krone is in short supply have sparked panic among Hibbies, who are flocking to exchange centres across Edinburgh.

Company managers said that those wishing to travel to Denmark could pre-order its currency, but warned of limited availability.

Staff at the Fort Kinnaird branch of Thomson Holidays said they had just £300 of Danish krone left, while M&S at the Gyle has been sold out since the weekend.

And workers at Thomas Cook in Fort Kinnaird said they had minimal amounts of the currency, despite ordering “a lot more” than usual because of the match.

Steven Brockie, chairman of the Carlton branch of the Hibs Supporters Club, said he exchanged his money last week.

“I know some of the fans have been struggling to find places that will exchange their money into the Danish krone because they have left it so late,” he said.

“I made sure I was organised and picked mine up last week. I know M&S in Princes Street had plenty left when I got mine, but I’m not sure if they do now.”

He added: “A few of the Danish fans noticed some of our supporters discussing the problem on the message boards, and they advised us that most places would accept card payments.

“I think they were trying to tell the fans not to panic. People can always exchange money when they get there, too.”

A spokesman for the Post Office on Forrest Road said he would usually have £2000-£3000 worth of Danish krone in stock during the summer.

He said: “We’ve been really busy on the run up to the match. We tend to keep larger amounts of the more popular currencies in stock. If anyone is looking to exchange money into the Danish krone we have a small amount left but more can be ordered in.”

Fans are flocking to Denmark from airports all over the UK including Edinburgh, London and Manchester.

A Hibs spokesman said: “We are very pleased with the number of supporters heading to Copenhagen to back the team.”