Capital signs up to ‘green’ wood pledge

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New sustainable policies have been put in place by the city council.

The authority’s policy and strategy committee has agreed to sign up to a pledge by the environment group WWF to ensure it only purchases timber and wood-derived products from sustainable and legal sources.

It is the first Scottish local authority to make the “gold” WWF pledge and will ensure it buys goods in a way that brings about social and economic benefits whilst minimising environmental damage.

The WWF initiative is asking local authorities across the country to make a commitment to only buy wood products, including paper, furniture, fencing and doors, which come from recycled and certified sources.

Councillor Robert Aldridge, the city’s environment leader, said: “By adopting the WWF’s gold pledge, Edinburgh will be leading the way in Scotland, to safeguard sustainable forestry and combat illegal logging, and so protecting our environment.”

Dr Richard Dixon, director of WWF Scotland, said: “The City of Edinburgh Council is helping to set the standard which all local authorities can follow.”