Capital students the biggest culprits for lack of TV licence

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HUNDREDS of people in Edinburgh have been caught watching television without a licence.

New figures showed that 240 adults under the age of 25 were snared in the past 12 months.

TV Licensing chiefs said students were the worst ­culprits – and issued a reminder that watching live TV without a licence could see them fined £1000.

Stephen Farmer, spokesperson for TV Licensing Scotland, said: “With nearly all students owning at least one device capable of showing live TV – such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet computer – they should know the law around being correctly licensed. If you’re watching live TV on any device, including mobiles and tablets, you need a TV licence.

“Students and young adults need to be aware of their legal responsibilities.

“Anyone caught watching TV without a licence can face prosecution and a fine of up to a £1000.

“We know some people struggle to pay, and there are many payment options ­available.”