Car clamp vow for drivers who do not pay their fines

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CAR owners with outstanding fines face having their cars clamped in the Capital and West Lothian in a new crackdown.

The Scottish Court Service (SCS) kicked off the campaign yesterday by locking the wheels of a West Lothian resident’s vehicle after they failed to pay road traffic fines despite warning letters. The motorist, who cannot be named, was ordered to pay an outstanding fine within 24 hours to reclaim their vehicle.

SCS executive director Eric McQueen said: “If you are a driver with an outstanding fine in the Edinburgh and West Lothian area then you face having your car clamped, seized and eventually sold or scrapped.

“We pursue all outstanding fines, from a parking matter to court penalties, and will use the enforcement measures in place to ensure payment. It doesn’t pay to ignore your fine. You may find your employers have been contacted and money taken directly from your wages or payment deducted from your benefits.”