Car park crash: OAP ‘loses control of vehicle’

The car eventually ploughed into bollards after hitting parked vehicles. Picture: Greg Macvean
The car eventually ploughed into bollards after hitting parked vehicles. Picture: Greg Macvean
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THIS was the scene that greeted stunned Sunday shoppers outside the Dalkeith Tesco superstore after an elderly driver apparently lost control in the car park.

Shocked onlookers claimed the vehicle reached speeds of up to 50mph, ploughing into five parked cars before coming to a crunching halt outside the busy shop’s main entrance.

One shopper said the blue Volkswagen Golf would have ended up “half way down the milk aisle”, had it not been for metal bollards outside the Hardengreen Superstore which managed to stop it going through into the shop itself.

Another said it was a “miracle” than no-one was killed as the car careered towards the shop, leaving bystanders shaken.

It is thought the driver may have pressed the accelerator instead of the brake in a moment of panic.

Shopper Graeme Renwick was reversing out of a parent and child space in the supermarket car park when he witnessed the crash. Mr Renwick, 39, from Dalkeith, said: “It’s a total miracle that no-one was killed.

“I was out of the space about five yards when I heard this almighty smash behind. It looked like he was doing about 40/50mph and looked like he was going to go through the front window of the shop before he careered into the bollards. The car was up on two wheels. My wife Lindsay had just got back into the car when all this happened. Everyone was really shaken by it – I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Another eyewitness said: “He panicked and hit the accelerator, collided with five cars and then hit the barrier. It was very lucky it was there or he would have halfway down the milk aisle.”

But a Tesco spokeswoman denied the car was heading towards the main entrance.

She said: “From the direction the car was travelling we don’t think it was heading for the entrance when it hit the barrier. We are pleased nobody was hurt, Our priority is safety.”

The ambulance service said three people had been treated for minor injuries but “no one had required hospitalisation”.

Police were called at 10.30am, They said a 74-year-old man had been reported to the procurator fiscal.

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