Car vandal targets 20 vehicles in spate of attacks

Carole Harris, of Polwarth, in her car which had its window smashed. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
Carole Harris, of Polwarth, in her car which had its window smashed. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
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AS many as 20 cars have been vandalised, with windscreens and windows smashed in a spate of attacks in the Capital.

Residents were woken up by police officers informing them that their vehicles had been damaged, with the unlucky motorists now facing repair charges of hundreds of pounds.

The attacks, which centred around Polwarth Gardens, Temple Park Crescent and Harden Place, saw as many as 20 car windows and windscreens smashed overnight.

Carole Harris, of Polwarth, was one of those whose 
weekend began with a visit from the police.

The retired nursery nurse said: “We were woken up by a knock on the door. It was a policeman saying that one of our cars had been vandalised in the back drive.

“He then proceeded to tell us that around 20 other cars in the area had been damaged, seemingly at random.

“Whoever did it had ignored my husband’s car, which was at the front of the house, gone round the back, and smashed my passenger window. Nothing was taken. It was just mindless vandalism. Luckily, I have vandalism insurance, so it’s only going to cost me about £75 to fix.”

Another resident on the same street, who did not wish to be named, was also targeted.

He said: “A policewoman came to the door at about nine on Saturday morning.

“I was already up but hadn’t been outside yet, so it came as a shock when she informed me that my windscreen had been broken, and that there were roughly ten others they were aware of at that point.

“My wife and I had heard a car alarm go off somewhere else in the street during the night, but that’s not that unusual. It’s cost me £100 excess on my insurance to have this fixed.”

Other residents said they had heard that lots of cars in the area had been damaged in the attacks.

One man, who lives on Harden Place but did not wish to be named, said: “I was away playing golf but when I came back my wife told me that about 15 cars had been vandalised. Luckily they didn’t touch ours, but some of the neighbours weren’t so lucky.”

Police Scotland said a man was facing charges in connection with the incidents.

A spokesman said: “A 34-year-old man has been arrested and charged following a series of reported break-ins to vehicles parked in the Polwarth area of Edinburgh in the early hours of Saturday, August 31.”

Local Green councillor Gavin Corbett said his sympathy went out to all those affected.

He added: “I’m dismayed to hear of such random vandalism on streets where this kind of thing is very uncommon. I hope the justice system finds a way of making the culprit confront his crime.”