Care home boss jumped out on colleague naked

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A CARE home manager who got drunk and flashed his nipple before jumping out of a bathroom naked in front of one of his colleagues has been struck off the official register.

Thomas Shields, who ran the Real Life Care Home for adults with learning disabilities in Pumpherston, Livingston, arrived at work drunk before making lewd comments to a colleague and talking about his sex life.

The Scottish Social Services Council, which held a conduct hearing on August 1 and 2, has now removed him from its 

The conduct committee also heard that Shields had consumed vodka and beer while he was on duty during a holiday for the service users at a caravan park in Berwick-upon-Tweed in 2007. Officials found that he had neglected to attend to one service user and had behaved in a negligent manner.

During the second incident, on November 23 and 24 last year, Shields is reported to have brought cans of beer to the care home and drunk three of them, before making the inappropriate comments.

A report into his conduct said: “He unbuttoned his shirt, showed [colleague] his nipple and asked if she had large nipples or ones like his.

“Later on that night as [colleague] made her way along the hallway, he jumped out from the bathroom in front of [her] having removed his clothes. As [she] went to turn back, he grabbed [her] shoulders and swung her down the hallway, before [she] managed to push him away.”

Shields was found to have committed misconduct and contravened several parts of the services council code of practice. His failings were listed to include failing to behave in a trustworthy manner, inappropriate comments and behaviour, failing to treat a colleague with respect and failing to meet basic standards of practice.

The sub-committee branded his actions “extremely serious”, involving elements of a sexual nature and actual harm to a female colleague.

They said: “His conduct was reckless and demonstrated a disregard for the safety and wellbeing of the service users and colleagues.”

The report continued: “Only a Removal Order [from the register] would adequately protect members of the public and prevent damage to confidence in the social service profession.”

Tony Pearson, human resources director of Real Life Options, said: “When we were made aware of the allegations he was immediately suspended. We conducted a full investigation and he was dismissed on January 13.”

After the internal investigation, it was Real Life Options that informed the services council of the accusations.

Shields, who has a right to appeal the decision, could not be reached for comment following the hearing in Dundee.