Cat care centre’s killer road plea

A LOTHIANS cat rescue charity is campaigning to have a speed limit reduced after its fifth animal in a year was killed by a car.

Staff at Lothian Cat Rescue in Bonnyrigg say speeding motorists are also putting the lives of staff, visitors and nearby residents at risk.

Warden Nicky Zelent explained how she witnessed Milly, a two-year-old ginger feline, being hit by the vehicle on the B704 road near Butlerfield Industrial Estate last Wednesday. A volunteer – also named Millie – narrowly escaped being hit after she stumbled on the road as the car sped past.

Milly, who had been at the rescue unit for five weeks, had strayed on to the road from an exercise garden.

“One minute there was nothing there, then it was like a bullet coming along the road. If the driver had wanted to stop they would not have been able to,” said Ms Zelent. “I could have easily have been picking up Millie the volunteer instead.”

Ms Zelent added that speeding cars had crashed into the centre several times as drivers lost control while coming round the corner.

Staff at the rescue unit want speeds monitored in the hope the findings will lead to the introduction of a traffic island or light-controlled pedestrian crossing.

It is also hoped the speed limit will be reduced from 60mph to 40mph.

A meeting is to be held with the police today to discuss the issue.