Cat giving birth under bed ‘sounded like snoring’

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A STRAY cat crawled under the bed of a little boy and gave birth to three kittens - but the sleepy seven-year-old thought the noise was the neighbours snoring.

The feline managed to climb into the window of a top floor flat and settled under the boy’s bed.

The Forrest family from Whitburn, West Lothian discovered the cat and her three newborn kittens in their son’s bedroom on Wednesday afternoon.

They called the Scottish SPCA who are now caring for the new mother and her kittens at their Edinburgh and Lothians Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre

Mum Nicola Forrest said today: “On Tuesday night I was sure I could hear meowing but couldn’t find anything.

“Then on Wednesday afternoon I was in Kelvin’s room and heard it again.

“I glanced under the bed and saw a pair of cat’s eyes.

“I got quite a fright and asked my husband to come up and have a look.

“When he lifted the bed up that’s when we realised she had just given


“I ran out and bought her a tin of food while I waited for the Scottish SPCA to arrive.

“Kelvin was so excited when he got home from school and we told him we’d found a cat and kittens under his bed.

“He said he’d been unable to sleep the night before because of the noise, but thought it was the neighbours downstairs snoring.”

The SSPCA are looking for the cat’s owners but have named her May in the meantime.

Animal Rescue Officer Connie O’Neill said: “It seems May climbed up scaffolding and got into the little boy’s room through an open window.

“She’s certainly an adventurous cat as their flat is three stories high.

“The family thought they could hear a cat on Tuesday but it wasn’t until the following day they found her under the bed with her kittens, with their umbilical cords still attached.

“It’s likely May was trying to find somewhere warm and sheltered to give birth, and under a bed would have seemed like the perfect spot.

“May is really friendly and she’s in good condition so I’m pretty sure she has an owner who’s desperately worried about her.

“If we can return May and her kittens home that would be wonderful but if no-one comes forward we’ll be looking to find them new owners once they are ready to be separated.”

Anyone who recognises May is being asked to call the Scottish SPCA Animal Helpline on 03000 999 999.