Charity worker in appeal for return of stolen mobility trike

Caroline depends upon her trike to keep her active
Caroline depends upon her trike to keep her active
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HEARTLESS thieves have stolen a mobility tricycle from opposite a police station, leaving its disabled owner without transport.

Caroline Barr, who lives in sight of the station in St Leonard’s Street, saved up for months to buy the specialised trike worth hundreds of pounds.

But when she woke up on Sunday morning, she found the vehicle had been stolen during the night from the car park at the back of her home.

The charity worker and volunteer said she suspected it had been taken by drunken revellers. She said: “But it’s difficult to drive when you’re sober, let alone drunk, so I hope it’s not ended up in a hedge.”

Ms Barr describes herself as an “active, disabled woman” and said she had a number of problems linked to celebral palsy.

Today she appealed for the item to be returned, saying she hoped it has been a “moment of madness” rather than a malicious theft.

She said: “I’m sad this has happened because I feel slightly more normal on a bike than I did when I had a mobility scooter.

“It was a way to keep fit and I’d developed leg muscles.

“I feel that I will get it back, but in what state?

“I feel pretty sorry for people who can’t think past the moment, who don’t think about the consequences of their actions.”

Ms Barr, who volunteers as a director of Artlink and a trustee of Handicabs, added: “I hope I get it back because next year I’m looking to do a challenge on it, where me and a team cycle the distance of around the world for charity.”

Ms Barr had been hoping to start a cycling club for disabled people but has been forced to put the plans on hold.

A police spokeswoman said: “This theft has had a significant impact on the owner’s everyday life, so we would appeal for anyone with information to contact police on 0131-311 3131, or Crimestoppers on 0800-555 111.”