Chef slams TV ‘junk diet’

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CELEBRITY chef Nick Nairn has blasted a children’s TV show for promoting an “irresponsible” junk food diet.

The chef slated CBeebies show Woolly & Tig, saying it created a “subliminal message” that eating unhealthy food was acceptable.

The TV show, by the team behind Balamory, features a three-year-old girl who lives on a diet of fish fingers with an occasional dollop of ketchup.

Nairn, 53, said: “The programme is creating a subliminal message that unhealthy foods are okay. I actually think it is a wasted opportunity for the makers of the programme, who could easily have put a healthy and balanced meal on the plate for the girl to eat.

“Fish fingers can be okay as part of a healthy and balanced diet, but they have to be accompanied by the right amount of carbohydrates and vegetables.

“I have worked with my own children from a young age to ensure they have a healthy diet and it would worry me if they were younger and watched the programme.”