Child killer Rosdeep Adekoya plays games in jail

Rosdeep Adekoya is serving an 11-year sentence. Picture: contributed
Rosdeep Adekoya is serving an 11-year sentence. Picture: contributed
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Child killer Rosdeep Adekoya spends her free time behind bars playing video games and taking part in Zumba classes, a former prisoner has revealed.

The ex-inmate spent five months in Cornton Vale Prison’s Ross House while Adekoya was being held there prior to her sentencing last 

She claimed Adekoya used her recreation time to play Nintendo Wii with other lags – particularly her favourite games, karaoke classic Singstar and Just Dance. The News source, who served a sentence for breach of the peace, said Adekoya also enjoyed Zumba sessions run by a prison 

“She seemed to really enjoy herself,” the former prisoner said.

Adekoya is serving an 11-year sentence for battering her three-year-old son Mikaeel Kular to death and hiding his body in a suitcase.

The “cold” mother-of-five initially attempted to conceal her horrific crime from other inmates.

The source said: “When she first came in she tried to hide what she had done – she never spoke about it. It was only after the court case was in the news that everyone knew.

“I spoke to her a few times when I was in. She is OK to talk to, but she just seems quite cold. She never shows any emotion.

“She talks about her other kids, but she never talks about the one she killed – though she has photographs of him.”

She added: “The other inmates would shout stuff like ‘beast’ at her – but if people said things to her she would shout back. I only saw her crying once, and that was when she came back from court.”

The ex-prisoner said Adekoya, who has a prison job cleaning toilets for £9 a week, also regularly dressed up in her best clothes.

She said: “She always wore her fancy clothes – she cares a lot about her appearance. Her mum and sister handed her clothes in to the prison, and she’s allowed to wear them at the weekend or for visits.

“Every fortnight she gets visits from her kids, and one girl she became friends with in prison still visits her. Her mum and sister are unhappy because they don’t get to spend enough time with her.”

Adekoya admitted inflicting more than 40 injuries on Mikaeel’s body after hitting him repeatedly following a trip to Nando’s in January.

She was initially charged with murder, but pleaded guilty to the reduced charge of culpable homicide in July – sparking outrage from those who felt her sentence was too short.

Scottish Conservative chief whip John Lamont said the public would be “appalled” to hear Adekoya was 
enjoying video games while serving time. He said: “Given how light a sentence she received in relation to the crime, it’s no surprise she appears to be in good spirits.

“The idea that someone like this is allowed to enjoy endless video games and flash clothing in prison does nothing to improve the public’s 
perception of our justice system. People in Edinburgh, particularly those who helped in the vain search for Mikaeel, will be appalled to hear of her easy-going experience in jail.”

A spokesman for the Scottish Prison Service said: “We don’t comment on individual prisoners.”