ChildLine appeals for volunteers in city primaries

A CHILDREN’S charity is searching for volunteers to help it visit every primary school in the Capital to promote safety and raise awareness of issues such as bullying and abuse.

ChildLine, founded by Esther Ranzten, aims to put on assemblies and workshops for all young pupils in Scotland by 2016 and launched the service at Davidson’s Mains Primary School yesterday.

The charity said the ChildLine Schools Service is designed to encourage children to recognise situations where they may need help and to let them know where they can get support if they need it.

Volunteers for the service will be trained to give children the knowledge they need in clear and age-appropriate language.

Benjamin Napier, ChildLine schools service manager for Scotland, said: “Research from the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children shows that an average of two children in every primary school classroom are suffering from abuse or neglect and the majority of cases go undetected.”


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Volunteer Susan Thompson, who helped launch the service, said: “The more I found out about the service, the more I wanted to get involved as it’s such a great and effective way of reaching children and educating them about what to do if they’re worried about abuse and what sources of help are available to them.

“The Schools Service encourages children to think for themselves about the trusted adults in their lives, and who they might turn to for help and support if they ever needed it.

“The training is thorough and enjoyable, and you receive lots of ongoing support, advice and feedback to help you deliver the service well. I’d say to anyone who’s considering volunteering for the service, just go for it – you’d be making a real difference.”