Chinese restaurant knocks hole in neighbouring building

FURIOUS neighbours have blasted a Chinese restaurant after unauthorised building work saw a hole knocked through into the stairwell next door.

Thursday, 28th April 2016, 5:46 am
Updated Thursday, 28th April 2016, 7:02 am
Tian Tian restaurant on Dundee St. Picture: supplied

Residents in Dundee Street have lodged an official complaint with the council over the foot-wide gap, caused by workers refurbishing Tian Tian Seafood Harbour.

Officials have now ordered the restaurant to immediately halt construction work, with the owners facing a hefty bill.


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The hole in the wall. Picture: supplied

Ten neighbours at 173 Dundee Street are threatening civil action unless the wall is fully restored.

It is understood builders in the restaurant were inserting a steel beam into the wall when they smashed through into the entrance hall of flats next door.

Residents said the concrete work put in place to cover up the hole was “shoddy”, insisting it is now “crumbling away on a daily basis”.

One said: “As neighbours, we consider this action reckless, irresponsible and dangerous – ignoring the most basic rules, regulations, the law and a significant health and safety risk.

Residents say the repair work is of a shoddy standard. Picture: supplied

“We want the building restored as it was prior to the work, and a structural engineer from our side to check that it’s perfectly safe. We are absolutely furious about it. Anything can happen when you do something like that.”

Landlord Mohammad Afzal, who owns the building in which Tian Tian is based, said he was not aware of the incident before being contacted by the News.

He said he had been told unauthorised building work had been carried out, but was assured it had now been halted until the correct warrants were put in place.

And he insisted he would look into the issue next week when he returned to Edinburgh from London, adding: “I’m sorry to hear that.”

The hole in the wall. Picture: supplied

The owners of Tian Tian Seafood Harbour could not be contacted for comment.

It is believed the council will seek to “recoup” costs incurred, but will not impose a fine.

A spokesman said: “A complaint was received about building operations taking place at premises situated at 167-171 Dundee Street. A hole had been cut in a separating wall between a restaurant and adjacent common stair and further internal works were being undertaken.

“It is a requirement of the Building (Scotland) Act 2003 to obtain a building warrant prior to carrying out most types of building works. On inspection, it became clear that no recent building warrant had been sought or granted in respect of this work. Council officers are reviewing the structural implications of this work and if necessary will take additional measures to secure the structural integrity of the building.

Residents say the repair work is of a shoddy standard. Picture: supplied

“The owner has been instructed to cease carrying out any further building operations, pending the submission and approval of a building warrant application.”