Chris Hoy and Steve Redgrave rowing in Edinburgh

A-Hoy there! Pic tweeted by Andrew Young @AndyYoung639
A-Hoy there! Pic tweeted by Andrew Young @AndyYoung639
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Britain’s two most decorated Olympic champions have been making waves in Edinburgh after they were spotted rowing together.

Sir Chris Hoy, who retired from competitive cycling last summer, could not have had a better teacher than Sir Steve Redgrave.

Sir Chris Hoy and Sir Steve Redgrave. Picture: Deadline

Sir Chris Hoy and Sir Steve Redgrave. Picture: Deadline

The Olympic cyclist and rower, who have 11 gold medals between them, chatted as they rowed on the water close to Sir Chris’s old school, George Watson’s College.

They were pictured on the Union canal yesterday afternoon by surprised passers-by.

Later they were spotted being interviewed by a film crew in a nearby boat shed.

Thom Young, 61, from Craiglockhart, was on his way to buy a bike when he spotted the camera first, followed by the cycling and rowing champs.

“I was walking down the canal path near Craiglockhart on my way to order a new bike and I saw two guys in a boat at the side of the canal.

“I realised one of them had a camera on his shoulder, which struck me as a bit odd. Suddenly two other guys whizzed by and I realised I recognised them. I grabbed my camera phone and did a quick sprint after them to get a picture.

“I suppose it is quite a good omen that I saw them on the way to buy a bike. Strangely enough I also bought a cycling skin signed by Sir Chris at a charity auction a couple of weeks ago.

“It certainly is the most unusual thing I’ve seen walking by the canal. I didn’t get a wave from them unfortunately – they clearly had enough to do with the rowing and the filming.”

His son Andrew tweeted the picture which did get a response from the Scots hero. Andrew tweeted: “My Dad just spotted @chrishoy & Sir Steve Redgrave rowing down the canal in Edinburgh #Rio2016?!”

Chris Hoy @chrishoy then replied “Good spot!”

The six times champion declined to say what he was up to, though it is unlikely they were in training for Rio – as they were also accompanied by a film crew.

Earlier Sir Chris said he had visited Meadowbank velodrome to see cyclist world hour record holder Graeme Obree.

When Sir Chris retired after the London Olympics, he branded Sir Steve “Britain’s greatest Olympian”.