Christmas babies born in Lothians

Sarah Clark and Ryan Andrew. Pic: Lisa Ferguson
Sarah Clark and Ryan Andrew. Pic: Lisa Ferguson
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THE first baby born on Christmas Day in Edinburgh came into the world at just after midnight.

Sarah Clark, 30, from East Calder, gave birth to a boy at St John’s Hospital at 12.18am this morning.

Ryan Andrew Clark weighs 7lbs 11.5oz.

At the Royal Infirmary, Stacey Archibald, 27, and Marley Newlands, 29, both from Dalkeith, saw the arrival of little baby Hollie at 4.47am. She weighed 7lbs 8oz.

Sarah’s birth was four weeks earlier than expected – following days of toing and froing between home and hospital.

Her water had broken on Monday evening and she was later taken to hospital by her brother before being released on Wednesday.

But at dinner time on Christmas Eve, her contractions were only minutes apart and she had to be rushed to hospital by her parents before eventually giving birth to her son.

Sarah, a second-time mum hopes that her oldest son, two-year old Corey Mattchett, will “grow to love him”.

Sarah said: “It’s been a bit rocky but I’ve been so glad to have the support of my family and doctors throughout my pregnancy.

“My parents live only two doors down so they were really quick in getting me on the road to hospital.

“It was just so painful on Christmas Eve and I’d only left hospital the day before.

“Mum kept asking me in the car what was going on and if I was alright. It was a stressful few hours.

“But it was all worth it when I was finally able to hold him in my arms. It felt so amazing to finally have him here after a turbulent year.

“He’s been an angel so far. He hasn’t really cried at all. He has just slept and looked very content with himself. Hopefully he’ll stay that way.

“Christmas has always been my favourite holiday but this is like all of them have come at once.

“Corey will never have seen a newborn baby before so I’m not sure how he’ll react. Hopefully, he will learn to love him in time.”

Another delighted couple also got the “perfect present” after their baby daughter – called Hollie – was born early on Christmas Day.

Little Hollie was born to mum Stacey and dad Marley after the couple were wrapping Christmas presents at their home.

Stacey’s contractions got more frequent during Christmas Eve and the couple rushed to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

Stacey said: “She was due on December 20 so she was five days late. She is the perfect Christmas present and her big sister Nicole [three] will be really chuffed.

“We had been wrapping Christmas presents and my contractions had started. They started getting more regularly in the evening.

“Marley and my sister took me in to hospital. It all went really well.

“People are saying the name Hollie is nice because of the Christmas connection but it’s been a name I always liked. She was just born on Christmas.”

Proud dad Marley, who is a web design student, added: “I’m over the moon. It’s the best Christmas present ever.”