City Olympic torchbearer is robbed

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A TEENAGE charity volunteer was targeted by a thief the day after carrying the Olympic flame through Edinburgh.

Heather Mann, 17, who described carrying the torch as “absolutely amazing, the best day of my life”, was shopping with a friend when the incident occurred on Thursday.

She said: “We were in Office on Princes Street – it was really, really busy. I bent over to pick up a pair of shoes and noticed this strange-looking man right beside me.

“He was quite big and scruffy looking – he just didn’t look like he fitted in. Especially when I saw he had bent over to look at a pair of children’s pink shoes.

“All of a sudden he just ran out. I then went up to the counter with the shoes I had picked up and that’s when I realised my purse – and the £75 in it – was gone.”