City student faces wrath of viewers

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A CITY student who stars in TV reality show Made in Chelsea has received death threats after allegedly cheating on her digestive biscuit-heir boyfriend with his best friend.

Louise Thompson, 22, had viewers contact her to tell her she was a “slag” who should “die in a car crash” following Monday’s show on E4.

Thompson – who studies at Edinburgh University – was shown apparently cheating on McVitie-heir boyfriend Jamie Laing, 22, while celebrating her birthday in Dubai.

On Twitter, one viewer told her: “Why are you alive!! You cheat! Die!!!!!” Another said: “Louise Thompson, I hope you die in a car crash.”

London-born Louise replied: “I think there’s been a big misunderstanding, I did not step on Jamie Laing’s heart.”

She also posted messages of support which she had received from fans of the show.

One read: “Just reading comments to you. Think they’re disgusting. Can’t believe people can be so rude when they don’t even know you.”

The show, which focuses on the young, rich and wealthy in the Chelsea area of London, has proved a huge hit among younger viewers.