City student launches Wall Street game on Apple

Ben Thomson. Picture: Comp
Ben Thomson. Picture: Comp
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CITY student Ben Thomson, 23, is on his way to fulfilling his ambition of becoming a millionaire after launching an app on iTunes.

He took just three weeks to develop his Wall Street Race game, inspired by the Leonardo Di Caprio film Wolf of Wall Street. It was snapped up by Apple – and now Ben plans to launch another three apps a month, earning him a potential £468,000 a year.

Ben told a former boss five years ago that he wanted to “earn seven figures”.

He set up his Viper Apps company three years ago, but is also a part-time student at Stirling University, studying software engineering.

He said it had been a gruelling process getting Apple to accept the app. “Apple are extremely strict and it’s a hard process, but I’m delighted with the result.

“The game has a highly addictive theme, where you speed over hills collecting as much money and points as possible in a race against time to get to the finish line.

“It’s crazy, I’m addicted to something I made up myself.”