City team finds schizophrenia IQ factor

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PEOPLE who are at greater genetic risk of schizophrenia are more likely to see their IQ fall as they get older, according to new research.

Scientists at Edinburgh University reached the conclusion after assessing people’s genetic risk factors. Experts hope the findings will lead to new research into how different genes for schizophrenia affect brain function over time.

Researchers used genetic analysis techniques to reach their findings.

They compared the IQ scores of more than 1000 people from the Capital who were tested for general cognitive functions in 1947, when the subjects were aged 11, and again when 
they were around 70 years old. 
Ian Deary, director of the university’s centre for cognitive ageing and cognitive epidemiology, said: “If nature has loaded a person’s genes towards schizophrenia, then there is a slight but detectable worsening in cognitive functions between childhood and old age.”