Cleaner in £22k benefits claim fraud

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A CLEANER claimed more than £22,000 in benefits she was not entitled to after telling social security chiefs she was too sick to work.

Catherine Givan, 48, was rumbled by Department for Work and Pensions investigators after insisting she was unemployed through illness.

Givan, of Murrayburn Park, yesterday pleaded guilty to committing fraud at Edinburgh Sheriff Court and will be sentenced on April 4.

Sheriff Fiona Reith QC was told that Givan wrongly claimed £22,792 of income support between August 2010 and January 2012.

Depute procurator fiscal Malcolm Stewart told the court that Givan was working for a firm called Minster Cleaning Services during her scam.

He said: “The accused claimed income support on the grounds that she was sick and unable to work.

“When the accused made her claim she declared she was not working when in fact she was working for Minster Cleaning Services.”

Mr Stewart said that the benefits cheat had apologised after admitting conning taxpayers.

He added: “The accused admitted claiming and receiving income support on the grounds she was sick.”