Clifton Hall does Pharrell Williams Happy video

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THE all-singing, all dancing pupils of a city school have created their very own viral video to spread some happiness this Easter.

“Clifton Hall Does Happy” features staff and students of all ages from the independent school showing off their dancing skills to the tune of the Pharrell Williams hit Happy.

Clifton Hall pupils clap along to the Pharrell hit Happy

Clifton Hall pupils clap along to the Pharrell hit Happy

And after being posted on the school website it is being used to show prospective students just how happy the school environment is – while a version on YouTube has had more than 3000 views from fans around the world including staff at Stanford University in California.

The film was created by Siril Borgersen, 22, Anine Rygg, 21, and Sophia Saheicha, 19, who are studying for the BA (Hons) Film and Media degree course at Queen Margaret University.

They were given free rein of the school – which specialises in nursery, junior and senior school education – and more than 300 students for a day, with everyone from headmaster Rod Grant to the swimming team giving their best moves for the camera.

And Mr Grant, who can be seen flaunting conventional school rules by dancing on his office table, said everyone had gone “wild” when they saw the finished two-and-a-half minute piece.

“When the kids first saw it they went absolutely wild, screaming with delight, but if it brings a smile to their faces then I’m happy with that,” he explained.

“People think you are making it up when you say about school being a fun place but if you have a good atmosphere and ethos the pupils learn more effectively.

“I think the end product is brilliant – we are very excited about it.”

And when asked about how happy he was to take part in the fun Mr Grant admitted: “I don’t want to be seen as the headmaster who all the kids are frightened of, I want to be the headmaster that all the kids like and want to talk to.

“I have also had emails from lots of parents that are really positive and saying it was a perfect illustration of the school. That’s what we are all about – I want to be head of a happy school”

Ms Borgerson said she had been exited by the idea of homaging the video for the smash-hit Pharrell song, and revealed that the response from everyone at the school had proven to be a huge help.

“It was amazing because the kids were so energetic and positive all the time so it was really easy for us to do – it was so much fun,” she said.

“We got a lot of good material so it was hard to cut because we did not want to leave anyone out.”

She added: “I was so excited about it – we have already had quite a lot of views on YouTube, which is great because it was our first time with an actual client.”