Clipper team revel in ‘roller coaster’ waves

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THE crew of the Capital’s entry in the Clipper Round the World yacht race have been riding a “Pacific roller coaster” as they encounter high seas.

Edinburgh Inspiring Capital has another 4000 miles to cover before reaching San Francisco, but is already battling gale-force winds and waves the size of tall buildings.

On the latest leg of the journey, skipper Gordon Reid said: “We are well and truly on the North Pacific roller coaster. The wind has not dropped below 25 knots and has been as high as 48 knots. All day yesterday and since dawn this morning the Purple Beastie has been surfing one huge wave after another.

“The rush experienced as you surf on top of a breaking wave the size of a two-storey building is putting huge smiles on the faces of those who have the nerve to take the helm.”