Clubbing: Ovr Kill love a Bad Apple

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EDINBURGH DJs Ross Stenhouse and Rob Etherson are Ovr Kill, a double-act specialising in funky deep house grooves and jackin’ vibes.

They headline Bad Apple at The Annexe on the Cowgate this Saturday, when they will certainly have reason to party.

The pair have just been snapped up by heavyweight labels, Kling Klong and Kitball Records, signings that will see them rubbing shoulders with A-list DJs such as Timo Maas and Oliver Klein.

A plumber by day, Stenhouse says, “Music has been my passion since seeing Laurent Garnier play Man with the Red Face live.

“It was a groovy anthem with a jazzy sax riff that was mind-blowing. It crossed boundaries at the time and I wanted to create something as powerful as that, with the same funk and flare. I met Rob around the same time and we both liked the same stuff.”

Etherson, whose day job finds him writing music and mastering tracks for various musicians, is responsible for taking Stenhouse’s grooves and audio sketches and tweaking them into professional- sounding tracks that can be played out in a club.

It’s a partnership that works well.

Etherson explaIns, “I have DJd all over the country and I’m a resident at Falkirk’s City Nightclub, which has been a great experience. Musically, City is different to what Ovr Kill puts out. We’re underground, but I incorporate the grooves which make people move.”

The pair are quick to credit much of their current success to their manager, Kevin McKay.

Stenhouse explains, “We needed a manger to get us heard by the right people and Kevin sends out our demos and gets us the best deals.

“A manager with as much experience as Kevin is essential to anyone wanting to be heard, we couldn’t have got so far, so quickly without him.”

So what’s next? A commercial deal, with a massive payout?

Laughing, Etherson says, “We wouldn’t knock it back. It would fund our underground projects. We’re not daft and we’re not punks but if we ended up like Daft Punk, that would be class.”

• Bad Apple, The Annexe, Cowgate, Saturday, 10.30pm–3am, £5