College restaurant gets a taste for fine dining menu

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A RESTAURANT run by students and lecturers at Edinburgh’s Telford College has made its mark on the fine dining scene after taking part in this year’s Scrumptious Scotland event.

The month-long event, designed to showcase and develop the culinary skills of college students across Scotland, recently came to the college’s Zero One restaurant.

Over a period of a week, students developed a Scottish themed menu which featured dishes including Cullen Skink, pan-seared duck with heather, beetroot and chilli salsa, and Tipsy Laird, serving 160 people throughout the event. Catering manager at Zero One restaurant, Mandy Purdie, said: “We were delighted to take part in this year’s Scrumptious Scotland event and the feedback from students and diners so far has been fantastic.

“Students worked hard to create the lunch menu we offered, creating the dishes from scratch and developing their cooking skills by producing traditional Scottish dishes with a fine dining slant.

“The dishes on offer could certainly rival those found on the menus at some of Scotland’s highest quality restaurants.”