Comment: Seabird Centre plans not right for North Berwick

The latest Seabird Centre plans have divided opinion. Picture: Contributed.
The latest Seabird Centre plans have divided opinion. Picture: Contributed.
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In light of the recent planning submission by the Scottish Seabird Centre to develop a National Marine Centre at North Berwick Harbour, I feel it particularly important to highlight the opportunities for people to have their say on the proposals.

The new National Marine Centre will have a significant detrimental impact on the current harbour facilities that are enjoyed by both residents and visitors to the area by excessive expansion vertically and horizontally.

The Scottish Seabird Centre, North Berwick.

The Scottish Seabird Centre, North Berwick.

It will also present substantial problems to the elderly and disabled who enjoy the elevated outlook from Anchor Green. Many aspects of the application go against many council and government policies regarding listed buildings and ancient monuments.

We are deeply saddened that the Scottish Seabird Centre has forged ahead with its application submission, despite minimal consultation with its neighbours – riding roughshod over the significant concerns the community has about the plans. The current users of the harbour are deeply concerned about the prospect of long-term construction impact and in due course the dramatic changes this development would force on protected harbour environment. We are not being unreasonable. We fully support the concept of hosting a National Marine Centre within the existing Scottish Seabird Centre and would happily work with the Centre to bring forward plans that are appropriate for the setting.

However, we strongly object to the current proposals and would encourage everyone to carefully consider the plans and make their own views known to East Lothian Council before the impending deadline on June 23.

Visit the East Lothian Council planning website and have your say 17/000434/P. Please save our harbour.

Jane McMinn, Chair, North Berwick Harbour Trust Association, Forth Street, North Berwick