Communist flag flies at bank’s HQ

Anarcho-communist flag flying above the HBOS headquarters
Anarcho-communist flag flying above the HBOS headquarters
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Protesters calling themselves “Full Communism For Scotland” claimed to have broken into the Bank of Scotland headquarters on The Mound before replacing the Union Flag on top of the Bank of Scotland HQ with an anarchist flag.

The group claimed they had spent more than an hour yesterday exploring the inside of the building before climbing up on to the roof and hoisting the red and black “anarcho-communist flag”.

However, a source at the bank said that a break-in would be impossible, and said they had most likely climbed up scaffolding outside the building to gain access to the group.

A spokesman for the protesters, who refused to give his name said: “We shan’t disclose how we entered. No alarms went off. We saw two security guards on our way out – we thought they’d seen us. We didn’t hang around for long after that. There was no police involvement.”