Concerns as Ravelston dust cloud returns amid resurfacing works

23 streets in the Ravelston area have been resurfaced.
23 streets in the Ravelston area have been resurfaced.
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A DUST cloud from road resurfacing work has re-appeared over Ravelston, sparking concern among residents.

The Evening News reported last August how work to make city roads more skid resistant had left locals fuming.

“Everything is covered in a layer of dust – you can feel the dust in your mouth”


But city council bosses said new measures had been incorporated in this year’s phase to minimise spray – with only two complaints received.

“Everything is covered in a layer of dust,” said a resident of Ravelston Dykes, who declined to be named.

“I’m just back in the house after walking 200 yards to drop something off and you can feel the dust in your mouth.

“Every car, including those who have slowed down, the majority, throws up a cloud of dust.”

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The Evening News reported last year how pedestrians in Carrick Knowe had been left struggling to breathe after choking on a fine, snow-like substance.

So thick was the cloud that a lollipop man outside Carrick Knowe Primary was spotted wearing a dust mask.

“I couldn’t believe it when I looked out and saw the mess,” said a resident at the time. “The entire street was covered in this dust. The place looked like a desert and all the cars that went past were coated in it.

“I had a walk down the street to the shop earlier and all the cars on the road were kicking up the dust on to the pavement.

“A couple of people walking the other way had their hoods pulled right up over their faces and were covering their eyes with their sleeves to stop the dust getting in.”

Emma Challoner, of Time Hairdressing in Saughton Road North, said the salon had issues with debris being blown into the premises.

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“It looks absolutely disgusting,” she said. “Every time a bus goes past it blows a whole load of the dust into the salon. We were actually glad it started raining because it’s started to take in the water so it doesn’t blow about as much.”

Scott Douglas, Tory councillor for Corstorphine-Murrayfield, said: “The havoc caused by this last time is still fresh in the memory.

“Local residents’ cars and houses were badly damaged in addition to the health impact to them. There were even reports of pets growing ill as a result of the dust cloud.

“It’s hugely disappointing the council doesn’t seem to have learned the lessons from last time.”

Workmen are using stone from a different quarry this year and are dousing the new surface in water in a bid to reduce dust.

The work is expected to finish today with 23 streets resurfaced covering 80,000 square metres – roughly the size of Buckingham Palace.

“Surface dressing work has been carried out on a number of roads across the city,” said a city council spokeswoman. “We’ve visited the site in question and the amount of dust resulting from the work is no more than is to be expected and is not considered to be an issue.”