Corstorphine Hill murder: Bid to trace 13 names

DCI Keith Hardie with the computer generated image of the woman whose body was found on Corstorphine Hill. Picture: Julie Bull
DCI Keith Hardie with the computer generated image of the woman whose body was found on Corstorphine Hill. Picture: Julie Bull
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DETECTIVES are racing to trace 13 women named as the potential victim after releasing a life-like image of the woman whose dismembered body was found dumped in a shallow grave on Corstorphine Hill.

Officers were given the names of 23 women by callers after the image was issued as part of a nationwide appeal on Monday.

The inquiry team has already traced ten of these women and found them to be “safe and well”.

But 13 names remain on the check list and detectives are currently desperately trying to trace these women.

It is not known if any of named 13 are from the Lothians.

A Police Scotland source said: “The inquiry team will be desperate to eliminate all of these names. Who knows, one of them could be their victim, unlocking the secrets of the shallow grave.”

Detective Chief Inspector Keith Hardie, who is leading the inquiry, said the public response to the facial reconstruction had “exceeded our expectations”.

He agreed tracing a witness who recognises the woman – whose body was found by cyclist on June 6 – remains “key” to the inquiry, and urged more callers to come forward if they have information.

A total of 51 calls have come in since the image’s release, with a call from Israel the only one originating from outside the UK.

Although some of the calls have offered very general information, 23 full names have been put forward as potential victims.

In addition to full names, seven callers have been able to offer only a forename along with some other information.

Tracking down the 13 with full names has become a priority for the 50-strong inquiry team seeking a breakthrough.

DCI Hardie said: “The volume of calls – now more than 50 – received in response to the release of the facial reconstruction image has exceeded our expectations.

“We are currently following up all of those calls and the names and other information provided to us.

“I sense a real desire to identify this woman and I have been grateful for opportunities to publicise this case, not just here in Scotland, but in other parts of the UK and 

“The key is to reach the person who recognises this woman, and for us to establish the circumstances of her murder and find those responsible for it.”

The image of the woman is set to be plastered around the Capital and shown to staff at hotels and bed and breakfasts.