Corstorphine murder: Police turn to motor trade

Police are keen to trace a Renault Scenic, similar to this, seen in the area. Picture: PA
Police are keen to trace a Renault Scenic, similar to this, seen in the area. Picture: PA
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POLICE trying to establish the identity of a woman whose dismembered body was found buried on Corstorphine Hill have turned to the motor trade for help.

Detectives have had several calls concerning the sighting of a suspicious car spotted near the scene,

They said there had been a huge response to a televised Crimewatch appeal, but it gave them, no new leads on the murdered woman’s identity whose remains were discovered 15 days ago.

They did, however, receive several calls from witnesses who saw a grey or gold Renault Scenic in the area on a number of occasions.

Today, a Police Scotland source told how the mystery car could hold the key to unlocking the case, which he described as “one of the most mysterious and complex” he could remember in Edinburgh.

He said: “By now, officers will have contacted DVLA and have a breakdown of all the similar cars in Britain. It’s painstaking work to go through something like that.

“All CID employees have their own contacts and the guys on this inquiry will have ‘go-to people’ in the car trade that they can speak to. They’ll want to know if anyone has been trying to offload a similar model for ridiculously low money or whether there’s been any unusual patterns of behaviour – someone getting a car resprayed, for example.

“Ultimately, though, it comes back to the scene and the fact they have a vehicle sighting to work on. Local CCTV, sources and inquiries can all be based around that fact. Any of these avenues could provide that significant breakthrough they’re looking for.”

And he added: “Someone knows who this woman is and who put her there and we’ll get to the bottom of it.”

The dead woman is described as being white, between 32 and 60 years old, with fair hair and about 5ft 2in tall. She is thought to have been buried in the ­shallow grave between one and six months ago. Detective Chief Inspector Keith Hardie, from Police ­Scotland, said: “We have received a number of new calls, all of which are being followed up by a dedicated team of ­officers.

“People have called in response to our description of the Renault Scenic spotted in the area on a couple of occasions in mid-April and we received further calls on the women’s distinctive rings, the images of which we released earlier in the week.

“At this stage we don’t seem to have received the call that will provide us with the key to identifying this woman, to finding out exactly what ­happened to her, and to finding out who was responsible for her murder.

“I continue to urge anyone who has any information that can assist us to get in touch, either by contacting Police Scotland on 101, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”