Council bin £10k of man’s items in storage blunder

Danny Fuller with his baby daughter Alexa. Picture: Toby Williams
Danny Fuller with his baby daughter Alexa. Picture: Toby Williams
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Bungling council staff have binned the worldly possessions of a father-of-five – leaving him £10,000 out of pocket.

Danny Fuller, 29, who is registered disabled, moved in to temporary accommodation after helping the police track down a violent loan shark.

West Lothian Council had agreed to move his possessions into storage – but when Danny was ready to move into a permanent home, they admitted his property had accidently been disposed of.

Danny, who lost his TV, white goods, furniture and countless mementos, heirlooms and family photographs, said he now has ­nothing.

He said: “I’m absolutely disgusted and horrified. They didn’t even have the courtesy to own up to this immediately.

“I got into trouble with a loan shark and I’d gone to the police and the council for help.

“All of my stuff had to be put into storage, because I had to move in to temporary accommodation to get away.

“But when I was offered a permanent home, myself and my housing support worker tried to make contact with the council to get my things out of storage.

“We struggled to get any response or a straight or ­truthful answer from anyone but I was told that my stuff was safe and that it had not been dumped. Then I spoke to someone in the criminal justice system who said someone had ­authorised my stuff to be thrown away.”

Danny, who suffers from disassociated non-epileptic seizures, has claimed off the council’s insurers. The total value of the items he has lost comes to just short of £10,000.

He said: “They have lost ­everything – all I have left is the three suitcases I had with me when I left the house.

“Stuff that can’t be replaced, that my children made and things that belonged to my grandmother, it’s all gone. The council knows I have seizures and that they can be brought on by stress.”

A West Lothian Council spokesman said: “Mr Fuller’s possessions were disposed of in error and we have apologised to him for the inconvenience that this has caused. We are investigating how the error occurred in an effort to ensure it does not ­happen again.

“The claim for compensation is in the hands of our insurer and they are dealing with Mr Fuller directly.”