Council chief linked to property repairs scandal allegations quits

Anderson was linked to allegations of involvement in property repairs scandal. Picture: Jane Barlow
Anderson was linked to allegations of involvement in property repairs scandal. Picture: Jane Barlow
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A SENIOR council official suspended in the wake of a wide-ranging corruption investigation into property repairs in Edinburgh has quit his job.

Dave Anderson has resigned as director of city development at Edinburgh City Council five months after being sent home from work while “managerial matters” were investigated.

The council has admitted the probe did not find any evidence of major wrongdoing and revealed it has now dropped the investigation into Mr Anderson, despite the fact he was in overall charge of staff who have been dismissed.

The council insists Mr Anderson, who has been paid in full since his suspension, will not be receiving any kind of pay-off after leaving his post.

In a statement, the council said Mr Anderson had decided to leave to pursue a consultancy business. It said its investigations had not found any evidence to doubt his “honesty, integrity and entrepeneurial abililties”.

A number of his staff are facing court action, have been sacked or are still suspended after a lengthy probe into the council’s property repairs ­department. Mr Anderson, who had a salary of £123,525 and was previously a senior director of operations in the Scottish Enterprise network, was the most senior figure implicated in the probe. He was sent home after being called to a meeting with council chief executive Sue Bruce.

Several key areas from his ­department, including transport and planning, had previously been transferred to another director, Mark Turley.

Greg Ward, the council’s head of economic development, ­inherited Mr Anderson’s remaining responsibilities after his suspension.

Mr Anderson had been one of the most respected officials at the council during his four-year tenure. His reputation was damaged because of his involvement with the tram project during a dispute with the main contractors, as well as the fact he was in overall charge of the council staff being investigated over the property repairs scandal.

He was thought to have been criticised in an external report commissioned by the council, although its contents were never made public.

A council statement said: “Dave made a significant contribution to the economic development of the city during his time with the council with economic successes arising from his innovative and entrepreneurial approach to his role as director of city development.

“His decision to leave the council brings to a close the investigation into his knowledge and management of the issues under scrutiny in the council’s property conservation service.

“It can be confirmed that the investigation has not revealed any evidence to doubt Dave’s honesty, integrity and entrepreneurial abilities.”