Council gives backing to pavement parking Bill

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AN MSP’s bid to ban drivers from parking on pavements or alongside other parked vehicles has won backing from the city council.

SNP backbencher Sandra White said the consultation on her proposed Responsible Parking Bill had attracted more than 400 responses, with 95 per cent in favour.

Ms White said: “If you’re in a wheelchair, if you’re blind, if you’re elderly, or if you have a couple of kids or a pram, it is criminal that you cannot walk on the pavement.

“Pavements are meant for people, not cars. There are a number of irresponsible drivers and there are also a number of drivers who just don’t think.”

In its response, the council said: “Unfortunately, as cities become larger and more cars try to find spaces, we cannpt rely on goodwill or common sense from drivers and legislation must be introduced to ensure compliance.”