Council removes Yes sticker from bin lorry

The Yes sticker caused a row. Picture: Dan Phillips
The Yes sticker caused a row. Picture: Dan Phillips
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EDINBURGH Council has been forced to remove a “Yes” sticker from one of its bin lorries after being accused of showing political bias.

The council vehicle was spotted on the city’s Royal Mile on Tuesday evening proudly displaying the pro-independence sticker.

But after being branded “inappropriate” by residents, the council removed the offending sticker and ordered staff to check all other vehicles in its fleet to ensure no political statements were being made.

Shocked resident, Ross Sanderson who spotted a council refuse vehicle displaying the sticker, said: “I was shocked to see a Yes sticker on the front of a council vehicle, on a busy street in central Edinburgh.

“Staff should be made aware of the rules, and reminded that any referendum related stickers (Yes or No) is inappropriate on publicly funded vehicles”.

Another disgruntled Edinburgh resident, Richard Benny Bongartz, added: “Councils should be politically neutral as they serve the wider public not just those who support one side or the other.”

But Ian Waite, also from Edinburgh, wrote: “Everybody’s entitled to an opinion.”

A spokeswoman for the City of Edinburgh Council said: “The sticker has now been removed and staff will be checking vehicles to make sure that they are not being used to make political statements. Yes and no stickers will be treated in an equal manner.”