Council staff set for living wage boost

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More than 650 workers in Midlothian – including cleaners, laundry assistants and cooks – are set for a pay rise after the council confirmed it would consider increasing wages to at least £7.20 per hour.

The local authority has agreed in principle to adopting the national “living wage”, with a final decision to be made at a council meeting later in the year.

The council has 677 posts which pay less than £7.20 an hour, of which 585 are held by women.

Introducing a living wage at this rate is expected to cost the council an estimated at £53,000 a year.

Council leader Bob Constable said: “This is an important day for our staff, who work hard in delivering services for our residents.

“Firstly, their endeavours will be rewarded with a living wage, rather than the minimum wage, and secondly, as many of the people who do these jobs are often women working part-time due to childcare commitments, we’re supporting families and trying to help close the unfair gender gap where women get paid less than men for equivalent jobs.”