Councillors are making a mess of cleaning streets

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It is hardly any surprise that Edinburgh is in the state it is, if this recent experience is typical of how the system works.

From the end of December to early February, numerous streets around the Willowbrae/Jock’s Lodge area were not cleansed.

As a result, I, along with some other residents, took dozens of photos to highlight our complaint.

I contacted our three councillors, Aitken, Tymkewycz and Peacock, asking if they would be willing to walk around the area with us.

They all refused.

A few weeks ago I received the council’s work sheets for the months of January and February.

In January it claims to have cleansed the area twice.

On the dates it claims the streets were cleansed we have photos which clearly show that was not the case.

Is it really any surprise when they know that those elected to work on behalf of the electorate refuse to get involved.

This is actually the second time this has happened in recent years, although I was never informed what was done about the first complaint.

At present I have contacted our MSP Kezia Dugdale and council chief executive Sue Bruce, so it will be interesting to see what actually happens this time round.

Will it be investigated properly – both of them can arrange to see the evidence at any time – or will it be swept under the carpet again?

David Black, Kenmure Avenue, Edinburgh

Colour purple will draw attention

You may wonder if it’s a new fashion craze when you see lots of people wearing purple on Monday.

That’s because many are followers of Purple Day – the internationally recognised day for raising awareness of epilepsy. Be in vogue and create your own purple look or try fun activities to draw attention to this important cause.

Come and join the in-crowd of MSPs, schools and workplaces in promoting epilepsy. Your support means a lot to more than 54,000 people who live with this common serious neurological condition in Scotland.

Your free Purple Day pack is waiting at or call free on 0808 800 2200.

Allana M Parker, public affairs officer, Epilepsy Scotland, Govan Road, Glasgow

We’ll all pay for booze cost hikes

the UK inflation rate has been falling over the last few months, which is very good news.

The main reason it hasn’t fallen further is the huge increase in the cost of alcohol off-sales, according to the ONS.

Government’s increasing tax on alcohol at least raises revenue for the treasury – but we all pay a heavy price in inflation.

But the SNP’s plans to raise the price of alcohol even further will only help the supermarkets’ profits – but increase inflation and mortgage rates for the rest of us.

This so-called populist policy will have a very negative effect on households whether they drink or not.

D Cochrane, Spottiswoode Street, Edinburgh