Couple celebrate 70 years of marriage following £20 wedding

Madeleine and Tommy Pryde of Dalkeith who celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary
Madeleine and Tommy Pryde of Dalkeith who celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary
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IT was the year Elton John was born, the Edinburgh Festival first opened and Francis Craig topped the charts with Near You.

The Queen married Prince Philip and wages averaged around £7 a week. But for one other couple, swept up on romance and desire to spend their lives together, it was to mark the beginning of their very own new chapter.

They had met two years previously, during a post war dance in the summertime, and courted for the months then years that followed.

Them in 1947, Tommy and Madeline Pryde agreed to get married.

They excitedly did all the things brides and grooms to be do in the run up to their nuptials. The venue was in the relative splendour of St Matthew’s Church in Rosewell, Midlothian, stone built and solid in well kept grounds.

All in all, for the time, it was a lot of money. But looking back after 70 years together, the entire cost of £20 delivered them a lifetime of treasured memories that money simply could not buy.

The average cost of a 
wedding today when you take in all the razzmatazz around cars, clothes and catering can easily cost 100 times that these days.

However just weeks after celebrating their Platinum wedding together, Tommy knows one thing for sure.

The dreams and love they had back then endures even today, a far cry from the famous royal couple who also achieved the most marvellous of milestones this same year.

Looking back on the golden era that brough them together, Tommy said: “We had a nice time.

“It cost £20, which was a lot of money back then. Wages were £7 a week.”

Still living in Dalkeith, Midlothian, he fondly recalls how the then young woman became captain of his heart.

He says he can still remember the first time he set his eyes on retired care assistant Madeline, 92.

“She [Madeline] was a cracker, I still remember that”, he said.

The pair married on October 31, 1947 but Tommy said there was no reason behind the spooky wedding date of Halloween.

It was simply pragmatic.

He explained: “Things were difficult just after the war, you had to take your chances when you got them.”

There was no exotic holidays toforeign shores and blistering sunshine either, he said, and none of the spotlight facing today’s next royal coupling in Prince Harry and his bride to be Meghan Markle.

He said: “We went on honeymoon to stay with my sister down in Salford in Manchester.

“We enjoyed it.”

A lifetime later together, the couple have three daughters, four grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren together to show for their endurance together.

And what’s the secret to a long marriage? “

Compromise, just doing as I’m told, for the quiet life,” says Tommy.