Couple jailed for having sex in city pool

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A COUPLE who suffer from HIV and who fought with police officers after being caught having sex in a swimming pool have been jailed.

Lukasz Rutkowski, 23, and Tanya Kalonga, 21, struggled with police and insulted staff after being thrown out of the baths at Edinburgh’s Ainslie Park Leisure Centre.

Shocked keep fit enthusiasts witnessed Rutkowski and Kalonga indulging in sex acts, with families using the pool subjected to sight of Rutkowski simulating a sex act on Kalonga as he lifted her out the water.

Pool supervisor John Kenny tried to throw the pair out, but they refused to leave and then threatened to shoot him.

When police arrived they attacked the horrified officers and hurled racist abuse at them.

Jailing Rutkowski for two years and Kalonga for 19 months at Edinburgh Sheriff Court yesterday, Sheriff Nigel Morrison QC said he had no other alternative but to send them to prison.