Couple launch first self-service dogwash in Edinburgh

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Flying fur, mud-spattered walls and drenched bathrooms could be a thing of the past for desperate dog owners fed up with trying to rid their pets of dirt.

Lochend Amateur Boxing Club boss Terry McCormack, 52, and wife Jacky, 43, have launched Edinburgh’s first self-service dogwash – complete with a state-of-the-art jacuzzi spa for the most pampered city pooches.

Terry McCormack bathing Chu at Eddie's DIY Dog Wash

Terry McCormack bathing Chu at Eddie's DIY Dog Wash

The couple were inspired to launch Eddie’s DIY Dog Grooming on Restalrig Road after seeing similar projects in America, where self-­service grooming is a booming business.

The couple, who have two dogs of their own, said feedback had been very positive.

Terry – who won the Evening News Pride of Edinburgh Award in 2014 for his contribution to local sport – said: “We just thought the idea was a knock-out.

“It is simple but something that every dog owner can fully appreciate the value of. They can wash and dry their dogs with none of the hassle of having to do it at home.”

Eddie's dogwash, restalrig road - Eddie in the jacuzzi

Eddie's dogwash, restalrig road - Eddie in the jacuzzi

Now, ten weeks in, they say customers are flocking to their doors.

“It’s been five years in the making and is a big hit already,” said Terry. “We’ve had people bringing dogs of all size and breeds along and we’re getting busier by the day.”

The premises boasts three spacious gated areas equipped with a soap dispensing shower­head, integrated blow-dryer and adjustable-height basins, with washes starting from £12 for a small dog.

Terry said: “Because it’s not a case of just leaving your dog, we’re finding folk are making a family trip of it and getting their kids involved which is great for enjoyment, but also teaching them some responsibility too, so a double bonus.

“The dogs themselves love it. They can bark and shake and splash and nobody bothers.

“It’s like their very own spa hotel.”

Fiona McCallum, co-owner of Fast and Furriest Dog Daycare, said: “With three dogs of our own a place like this would come in handy.

“Dealing with lots of different dogs through the business, we know how messy they can get out with us and on walks with their owners.

“Some owners simply can’t bathe their dogs due to their size so this would be ideal for them. We also know that some dogs can be quite shy or become nervous in a grooming situation, so at least owners can take them along themselves.

“This doesn’t take away from your normal grooming experience but it’s a great new ­concept to allow all dogs to have a well deserved pamper every so often.”

Vet Anjela McKee said grooming was a vital part of dog ownership.

“Long-haired dogs can be prone to matting which is when fur becomes clumped and hard, and can be painful if left unattended. Some small dog breeds are prone to epiphora or an overflow of tears from the eyes, which can lead to matting at the corner of the eyes – regular grooming can prevent this from happening.”