Couple to get married at Central Library

Book lovers Colin Macleod and Susanne Reichert are tying the knot at the city's Central Library. Picture: Fern Photography
Book lovers Colin Macleod and Susanne Reichert are tying the knot at the city's Central Library. Picture: Fern Photography
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Any lingering fears Colin Macleod and Susanne Reichert might have had about being left on the shelf will be swept aside today when the happy couple tie the knot – in the Central Library.

The book lovers from Bruntsfield will begin a fresh chapter in their lives eight years after they first met.

But after struggling for ages to come up with the perfect venue for their nuptials, inspiration finally struck – and library chiefs were only too happy to oblige.

While bosses at the Central Library have insisted today’s ceremony will be a one-off, they have pulled out all the stops, transforming the George IV Bridge venue’s boardroom into a fairytale wedding setting.

Charity worker Mr Macleod, 29, said: “We both have a love of books and I was looking for a nice place to get married and I remembered that I’d registered there when I first arrived in Edinburgh.

“We just saw inside and thought it was lovely, but we never thought they would agree to let us do it. I think libraries are under-used and it’s just nice. It’s a hub of the community so it’s nice to have a wedding there.”

The couple – who first met while on separate holidays in Estonia, before setting up home in the Capital in 2008 – will have an orange theme for their big day, inspired by the main colour of the Penguin Classics collection.

And they’ve spurned the traditional three-tiered cake for one in the shape of a novel instead.

Mr Macleod said: “We even have books for the favours and chose a different Penguin book for everyone’s personalities, including the classics such as Pride and Prejudice and Dorian Grey.”

But it’s not just the venue which makes their wedding day unique – the groom has also arranged for a surprise red double-decker bus to transport Miss Riechert to the venue, to Arthur’s Seat for their wedding pictures, and then Summerhall for their reception.

And German-born Miss Reichert’s family, including dad, Gernot, 58, will be embracing the Scottish tradition of wearing kilts, taking part in ceilidh dancing and eating Irn Bru sorbet.

“They all think it’s a bit unusual,” Mr Macleod said.

Miss Reichert, an editor at the Edinburgh Business School, said she thought the venue was perfect because she has “always loved books” and was drawn to the fact it was so “unusual” to be wed in a library.

She said: “I’m not that type of person that dreamed about their wedding – I think it’s a bit more about tradition and I think we are being a bit more sensible.

“It’s a really lovely room. When I first saw it, it was really bright outside and that’s what I always imagined.”

Library services officer Irene Stout, 52, said she was surprised when she first received the email from Mr Macleod requesting to use the venue for the wedding.

She said: “I just got really excited about being involved in something that had never happened before and I’ve been working for libraries for over 30 years.

“There’s definitely a magic to the library and they are such a lovely couple. They came in here at university so their love grew in the library.

“I think it’s just a lovely thing to be happening. It shows that libraries aren’t just about books – they are about people and life and the community.”