Court throws book at Asbo teenager with library ban

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A TEENAGER has been banned from a library while a 30-year-old man is no longer allowed to party as the courts slapped an Asbo on them for bad behaviour.

Another teenager has also been hit with an Asbo and is now unable to shop in his local supermarket.

Scott Adams, 30, sixteen-year-old Daniel Rollo and Charles Carr, 17, were all served with the orders for antisocial behaviour that was having a “serious” impact on their communities.

The action was taken by Midlothian Council’s Community Safety Team as a “last resort”.

The Asbos, served at Edinburgh Sheriff Court, impose specific restrictions.

Rollo, of Meggat Place, Penicuik, has been banned from entering a supermarket in the town after abusing shoppers and staff, and stealing from the premises.

He was also involved in incidents involving motorcycles on pavements and grassed areas, stealing a bicycle, harassment and abuse.

He has been prevented from any contact with a local family with disabilities and banned from entering a supermarket near his home or owning or using a motorcycle, quad bike or mini moto bicycle.

Adams, of Blackcot Road, Mayfield, was involved in a number of incidents, with particular concerns about parties and noise levels.

He was served with an Asbo prohibiting him from playing amplified music, shouting, swearing and banging on the floor. The conditions of the order also refer to visitors to his home address.

Carr has been prevented from going to Dalkeith Library, near his home in the town’s Gibraltar Gardens.

He has also been prohibited from shouting, swearing or acting in a disorderly manner.

He is not allowed to form part of a group of more than two who are acting in a disorderly way in a public place.

He is also forbidden from entering Dalkeith Library, or the Woodburn area, and certain areas of Dalkeith between 7pm and 7am.

Community safety spokesman Councillor Jim Muirhead said: “Midlothian Council and our partners are committed to tackling antisocial behaviour.

“The success of our partnership work in strengthening community safety is very encouraging and these Asbos are making Midlothian safer.”