Craigroyston players slammed for offensive tweets

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COACHES are to clean-up a Twitter feed at a community football club after posts joking about rape and violence sparked outrage among fans.

Senior staff at Craigroyston Community Youth Football Club under-19s said the offensive messages were taken out of context but accepted they were “disappointed” and would review the account.

Complaints were made about the @Craigie19s feed after comments were posted by players using offensive language and joking about a alleged training session incident in which someone is said to have shouted to a woman passer-by “they’re going to rape you”.

Tweets included: “If they are wearing a bra, they are old enough !!!” and the foolish banter “I’ll f***ing stab you”.

One supporter, who declined to be identified, said: “I am utterly disgusted and horrified.

“As someone who enjoys watching U19s I am utterly disgusted by these tweets, they are degrading towards women and even laugh at Jimmy Savile!

“Is that acceptable of a football team?”

But club chiefs have pledged to remove all offensive posts which fall foul of acceptable standards and may launch a new Twitter profile with only senior management manning the feed.

A spokesman for the club said the offensive language and content was “unacceptable locker-room banter” that had no place on a public social media site.

He said: “It’s unacceptable 
. . . I wouldn’t accept it if it was my daughter it was said to.

“All of the posts that have any kind of reference to rape will be taken down. We’re disappointed with that comment of course.

“We have made it our mission to involve everyone as equals in the squad.

“Last year, we weeded out some players making us a much more friendly club.

“The under-19s squad participate in the local Gala day and did a six-mile sponsored run to raise money for the club, we are a community club and embrace the community we are part of.”

Craigroyston CYFC under-19s, who play in the ­south-east region first division, hit the headlines in June when a major brawl broke out between ­opposition players during a cup final.

Football chiefs launched an investigation after what was described as a “pitched battle” with Hillfield Swift players. Craigroyston had three players sent off in the game.

Speaking about the ­offensive tweets, ward Cllr Steve Cardownie said: “I know these aren’t serious threats but I think it would be good if ­someone from the Rape Crisis Centre could come down and educate these boys.

“If they heard some of the stories they would be less likely to think it’s funny.

“We need to change their attitude as well as teaching them not to put these kind of things on Twitter.”