£4k mountain bike from gran is stolen

Sean Louden's stolen bike
Sean Louden's stolen bike
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A GRANDMOTHER who saved from her pension to buy her grandson a £4000 mountain bike is offering a reward after it was stolen from a city stair.

It took Ann Holmes, 71, nearly two years to put together enough for a deposit on the sought-after cycle.

And she said her grandson Sean Louden, 17, was “heartbroken” after thieves cut through two security chains in the middle of the night and made off with the Orange Alpine 160.

Mrs Holmes said: “It’s one of the best bikes you can get. He had these two massive chains on it, but they came with special clippers.”

She said she was offering a “substantial” reward for the return of the bike.

“It cost nearly £4000. I had been saving up for a long time. I put money aside from my pension every month.

“I got enough for the deposit and then I paid off the rest with direct debit.

“And I bought the two chains as well – they were the best ones I could get.

“It was a beautiful bike – but obviously that’s what other people thought too.”

The bike was taken from a stair in Chancelot Grove, Trinity, at around 3.40am on Wednesday, October 14.

Sean, an apprentice roofer, said he had been devastated by the loss of the bike. “My gran got me the bike and I was gutted when it was stolen.”

He said the night it was taken his mother had heard a noise, went to investigate and saw two boys running out of the stair.

“They both scarpered. She thought they were just trying to see if they could steal it but had given up.

“But they obviously came back and took it.”

Sean said he was sure the thieves knew the bike was in the stair and deliberately targeted it. He said other teenagers had previously threatened him when he was on the bike.

“I’ve had threats and been chased when I’ve been cycling – people saying they were going to steal it.”

But he said although the theft had been reported to the police, no officer had been to see him about it.

However, a Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “Police in Edinburgh are investigating following the theft of a high-value pedal cycle from an address in Chancelot Grove. Inquiries are ongoing.”