Abuse victim: My story needs to be told to protect others

Emma Ross speaks out about the abuse she suffered.
Emma Ross speaks out about the abuse she suffered.

AN ABUSED mother has spoken of a ten-year living hell at the hands of her former partner in the hope of preventing future victims.

Emma Ross suffered a decade of sickening torture at the hands of Kenneth Ellis before helping send him to prison after he held another woman at gunpoint. And with Ellis possibly walking free within a year, Emma decided to speak out.

“It’s a story worth telling as it may well save someone’s life if they are warned about him,” she said. “It needs to be told and women protected from this monster.”

Emma, 30, described horrific abuse at the hands of Ellis - including being hurled against the walls of their West Pilton home while pregnant with their first child.

The mother-of-two and part-time cleaner told how she was young, vulnerable and recently out of care when she met Ellis. “We met at a party when I’d just turned 18 and he was 14 years older than me,” she said.

“He said he had a spare room and I could stay with him but there was no spare room. The abuse started straight away.

“He’d beat me and try and strangle me. There’s not a wall in that house I haven’t bounced off. I was often left with bruises.

She added: “When I was eight months pregnant with my little boy, he threw me to the floor.

“That man subjected me to every form of abuse - verbal, mental or if he felt like it, physical.“I couldn’t say ‘no’, he just took it.”

Emma never reported the abuse to police or social services for fear of losing her children.

She finally threw Ellis out and testified at his trial in January last year after he subjected a woman he met online to a terrifying ordeal.

A court heard how he put a gun to the 40-year-old’s head and threatened to kill her.

Ellis was also convicted of harassing Emma by turning up at her home and bombarding her with texts. He was given four years in total.

“He was texting my phone constantly,” said Emma. “He would get people to follow me. He turned up at the house and tried to run through the door and threatened to smash the window while the kids were in the living room.

After failing to get rehoused by the city council despite more than 20 attempts, Emma has now fled Edinburgh, her lifelong home, with her son, nine, seven-year-old daughter and new partner.

The two are engaged and see light at the end of the tunnel despite struggling to meet their £1,300-a-month private tenancy.

“He’s done more for them kids in two years than their dad did in ten. He’s there for them,” said Emma, of her 33-year-old fiance.

Emma told him about her past the first week they met.

The city council has since offered Emma and her family a new home.

A spokeswoman said: “We are unable to comment on individual cases, however we are always willing to meet with our tenants to offer any further housing advice as necessary.”

Emma Ross received no payment for this article