Addiewell Prison officers sacked after taking cocaine

The trainees had just qualified as prison officers to work at Addiewell jail.
The trainees had just qualified as prison officers to work at Addiewell jail.

EIGHT trainee prison officers have reportedly been sacked after taking cocaine at a party to celebrate their graduation.

The group from Addiewell prison in West Lothian had just finished a tough ten-week training programme and were reported to jail bosses by a fellow graduate, according to The Scottish Sun.

A source was quoted saying: “Quite why you would celebrate becoming a jail guard by doing illegal drugs is beyond belief.

“The group had finished their ten week training and were fully fledged prison custody officers.

“They went back to their hotel near the jail to celebrate.

“It’s thought one guard pulled out a bag of coke and another seven started doing lines.

“A lot of the guys they would have been looking after in the jail would be inside for exactly the same offence as they are all now accused of.

“Another recruit thought it was ridiculous and shopped them all.”

Sodexo, the firm which runs the jail, is said to have called in police and terminated the contracts of the eight newly-qualified officers involved.

Scottish Tory justice spokesman Liam Kerr said: “Being a prison officer is a challenging, disciplined and responsible job which requires the highest standards of behaviour.

“So it’s incredible to think those destined to be in charge of dangerous prisoners should so flagrantly break the law themselves.

“The jail couldn’t possibly have kept these workers on following this incident.”