Armed police called after Samurai sword attack

Police at the scene in Murrayburn Gardens. Picture: Twitter
Police at the scene in Murrayburn Gardens. Picture: Twitter
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ARMED police stormed a flat following reports a Samurai sword-wielding man had launched a broad daylight attack on a terrified couple.

Witnesses told how emergency response teams descended on Murrayburn Gardens after reports the Samurai sword man had allegedly attacked a car.

The attacker is alleged to have rained down blows on the car’s windows and door panels as a couple cowered inside during a three-minute ordeal.

It is thought the couple had been arguing moments before the man produced the large sword and confronted them.

Armed police later raided a flat near the scene of the disturbance.

The drama unfolded yesterday lunch time, in full view of shocked local residents.

One man was later seen being treated for a hand wound by paramedics shortly after police arrived.

Witnesses spoke of loud shouts and swearing before hearing the dull thud of the sword on the car. One resident who watched the drama unfold and alerted the police, said officers removed several weapons including three different swords and a “dagger”.

The witness, who declined to be identified, said around 20 armed officers flooded the small street in Longstone within minutes of the attack.

She said: “It happened right outside my stair. Just as I was about to put a wash on, I heard a disturbance.

“People were arguing and shouting.

“I looked away and when I looked out again this guy was attacking a car with some sort of metal object.

“At first I thought it was a crowbar or golf club from the length of it, but it turned out to be a Samurai sword.”

She claimed: “There were men and women shouting in Scottish accents and provoking each other.

“There was lots of ‘come on then’ type incitement.”

And she alleged: “The next thing the guy was attacking the car – striking it on both sides – hitting the windows and the metal work on both the passenger side and the driver side.

“It looked like he was just wanting to smash it up and dent it.

“It was only when the guy with the weapon started walking towards me I realised it was a Samurai sword.”

She told how patrol cars were first on the scene followed by two 4x4 vehicles “filled” with armed police.

She added: “I did see that the passenger in the car was injured because there was blood on his hands.

“Paramedics arrived and bandaged them up.”

Police Scotland confirmed they were called to the scene.

A spokesman said: “A 39-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman were arrested in connection with an incident in the Murrayburn Gardens area of Edinburgh.”

The pair were due to appear in court.

The spokesman added: “Another man and woman are still being sought by officers in connection with their alleged involvement in the incident.”