ASBO bans housebreaker from entering East Lothian

Haddington Sheriff Court
Haddington Sheriff Court
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A “habitual housebreaker” has been banned from entering East Lothian.

A full ASBO against Paul Williamson, 44, was granted at Haddington Sheriff Court on December 16.

Williamson has more than 30 convictions relating to housebreaking between June 2006 and December 2012 in East Lothian and other parts of Scotland and is described by Police Scotland as “a habitual housebreaker”.

An East Lothian Council spokesperson said: “This is an unusual and extreme case of anti-social behaviour and we welcome the granting of the full ASBO. It is clear that Mr Williamson targeted properties and communities across East Lothian causing alarm and distress through his actions. Through the issuing of this ASBO a clear message is being sent to Mr Williamson that he must stay out of county or face the consequences.”

Williamson is not the first person to have been handed a similar order in East Lothian. In January 2013 Lewis Anderson, 21, was ordered to stay clear of Prestonpans High Street and every pub in the area after being arrested 35 times. Council chiefs said they had been left with no option but to apply for the ruling after Anderson spurned a host of chances to behave.