Club groper put on sex offenders register days before wedding

A chartered accountant who groped a woman in a nightclub has been placed on the sex offenders register - just ten days before he gets married.

Wednesday, 29th March 2017, 4:08 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:09 pm
Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard how Sebastian Trotter groped a woman in a nightclub. Picture: Contributed


Sebastian Trotter grabbed at the woman’s privates as she leaned over the bar and attempted to buy drinks at the busy Edinburgh club Lulu.

Drunk Trotter placed his fingers between the woman’s legs on three occasions but claimed later he had “no recollection” of the indecent attack last August.

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The 31-year-old had been on a eight-hour drinking session before launching the assault at the popular city centre nightclub.

Trotter, who currently works as an assistant manager for Lloyds Banking Group, is now expected to lose his job after he admitted an amended charge of sexual assault at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Wednesday.

Previously the court was told Trotter, from Slateford, Edinburgh, is to be married next Saturday and yesterday his fiancé was said to be “standing by him” despite his admission.

Fiscal depute Nathan Gale told the court Trotter was at the nightclub bar, in the Capital’s George Street, with two friends when he spotted the woman at around 2am on August 27 last year.

Mr Gale said: “The complainer and her boyfriend were at the main bar area ordering drinks. The accused was standing next to the complainer with two friends and as she was leaning over the bar the accused has moved his hand and touched her in the way described on the complaint.

“On the first occasion the witness turned round to the group of males and said something to them, to admonish them in some way.

“The third and final time the accused made the same action and the complainer was much more upset on this occasion and remonstrated with the accused.”

The shocked woman, who was said to be wearing “thin leggings” at the time of the attack, then informed club staff about the incident and though the police were called Trotter had left the bar by the time they arrived.

The accountant was arrested and charged around three weeks later after CCTV footage of the incident had been viewed and he was identified.

Mr Gale added: “The action on all three occasions is a brief one, but nonetheless the complainer has felt that it occurred.”

Defending solicitor Mark Harrower said Trotter continues to live with his fiancé despite his conviction and she is “sticking by him”.

Mr Harrower added Trotter is “extremely distressed” by his actions and that he had been out drinking straight from work with two colleagues.

The brief added: “The effect has been devastating for him and he does expect to lose his job because of this.”

During a procedural hearing in December last year the court was told Trotter is to be married on April 8 this year.

Sheriff Frank Crowe said: “You hear stories of women having to put up with all sorts in bars, but this does seem to be repeated and very pointed.

“Drinking for six hours is not a great idea and this was very offensive to the lady. In the circumstances I will get a background report and deal with it then.”

Sheriff Crowe deferred sentence to May 8 and placed Trotter on the sex offenders register in the interim for a period still to be decided.

Trotter admitted to repeatedly placing his fingers between the woman’s legs and touching her vagina over her clothing at Lulu, George Street, Edinburgh, on August 27 last year.